by Lia Whalen

Emerge 2020

Updates For the Emerge Conference

EMERGE 2020 Postponed Indefinitely Due to Health and Safety Concerns

On March 13, the University of Guelph-Humber officially announced that it would be indefinitely postponing this year’s annual EMERGE media conference. In light of the recent increase in COVID-19 cases in and around the GTA, Guelph-Humber has joined the growing list of post-secondary institutions which are temporarily shutting their doors.

Ontario health officials announced this Friday that the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the province had risen to 79, with the most recent cases being reported in Toronto. Several University and College campuses as well as numerous local school boards have decided to close their facilities and move courses online for the foreseeable future. In light of these growing concerns EMERGE 2020 will be following Guelph-Humber’s lead and will be cancelling their scheduled events on Mar. 25th and 26th.

“We are disappointed that this year’s media students won’t be able to hold their planned events,” said course instructor Heath Applebaum, “That being said, we recognize the threat that the Coronavirus presents and we want to do our part to contain and eliminate it.”

 “We feel as though it was the right course of action,” said Kaela Johnson, one of EMERGE 2020’s event coordinators, when asked about her feelings on the cancellation, “It’s no one’s fault that we have found ourselves in this situation. That being said, the ethical thing to do is act in a way that benefits public health and safety, even at the expense of our events.”

EMERGE is a multi-award winning media conference held annually by the Media Studies students of Guelph-Humber University. EMERGE 2020 was to cover topics from women in the media to the issue of transparency online and how it affects our lives. This year’s topic was ‘The Tipping Point of Media’.

We will be updating you as more information comes in and please keep an eye out on our social media accounts @EmergeTO as we continue to update you on this unfolding situation. 

FAQ for Guests and Speakers

Why was the conference cancelled?

Due to increasing health concerns with the COVID-19 virus in and around the GTA, we feel as though the best course of action is to cancel the annual University of Guelph-Humber EMERGE 2020 conference on March 25 and 26, 2020.

What will happen to my ticket?

Fortunately, the events were free, but tickets will be cancelled.

Will this event be rescheduled?

Because we’re unsure of how long this pandemic will last, at the moment the events will not be rescheduled.

I have entered in a contest on social media. Am I still eligible to win?

We will work with the event teams who posted social media contests and will provide updates.

FAQ for EMERGE Students

Who will communicate the cancellation to my speakers, guests and sponsors?

The Events Website team will be sending an email to those who registered for tickets for Eventbrite. If there is anyone you invited that did not register for tickets as yet, please reach out to them, speakers, media, and sponsors and alert them of the cancellation.

I’m an event team, how will I be graded?

Your professors will have details regarding how you will be graded in due time.

What happens to our budget?

Please refrain from purchasing anything new. Figure out what you want to do with what you’ve purchased and connect with companies you may have any purchasing commitments with (deposits).

Can we still proceed with social media content and giveaways?

Please reach out to the social media team at

NOTE: This page will be updated frequently. 

If you have any questions or concerns that were not addressed here, reach out to the Event Coordination team at

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