by Lia Whalen


Marketing Makeover Challenge

Date: March 25th
Time: 3:00pm-6:30pm
Location: The Humber Room
Humber College North Campus

  • Online Tickets Available
  • Formal (Dark and Jewel tones)
  • Hors D’oeuvres and Cash Bar

What is the
Marketing Makeover Challenge?

The Marketing Makeover Challenge (MMC) is the newest feature of the Emerge capstone project. In taking on the makeover challenge, each student has been presented with a unique opportunity to put all of our Media Business and/or Public Relations skills to work. The purpose of this feature is to provide four different organizations within the GTA with a workable actionable marketing communications plan to help each of the organizations overcome a challenge they are currently facing. Within eleven weeks, 24 students will have completed a thorough marketing plan that addresses each challenge by highlighting what needs to happen, why it needs to happen and how it would be done which will then be presented to our clients at the event.


The first client is Literal Change, a non-profit organization that is supporting literacy education in vulnerable and marginalized communities across Toronto. The challenge the team was presented was brand awareness and the team will tackle this issue by revamping their social media presence using a more structured approach to truly highlight the company’s mission.


The second client is Photoed Magazine, a Canadian photography magazine featuring inspiring photography stories & photo techniques. This team is trying to grow their overall presence and awareness online without any money. Thus, the team will be using social media strategies in order to drive traffic towards the brand.


We then have the next client, North York Harvest Food Bank which is a non-profit organization. The challenge the team was presented was receiving donations during their off-peak seasons. Thus, the team will be bringing awareness and educate the community using a variety of communication channels in aim of encouraging more people to donate.


And finally, The Hills of Headwaters, a hospital located in Orangeville, Ontario that is attempting to change patient’s overall healthcare journey. The team will be building two awareness campaigns that will surround mental health/addictions, palliative care, and home care sectors for the hospital that will also educate the public.