Real Talk Roundtable

Date: March 26th
Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Location: Barrett Centre
Humber North Campus

  • Online Tickets Available
  • Dress to Impress (Business Casual)
  • Please Bring Student Card
Real Talk Roundtable Event Header

What is Real Talk
Round Table?

Real Talk Roundtable will be a speed networking event for media students to connect with industry professionals, including Guelph-Humber alumni and potential future employers. Students looking to secure an internship or employment in their prospective field will benefit from meeting with hiring professionals and becoming comfortable with the networking process.

Our goal is to help alleviate graduation-related stress by hosting a roundtable of Guelph-Humber graduates who can offer insight into post-university life. The presentation of opportunities available to students pursuing a career in the media industry will help them to build upon in-class learning and better prepare to apply their knowledge to the real world. The event is focused on providing students with the opportunity to find internships and potential job opportunities.

Similar to that of a dating app, profiles of the professionals attending will be released before the event to help students familiarize themselves with the companies and better prepare for the experience. Our goal is to help eliminate some anxiety that some students may feel about networking by making the experience more friendly.

At the event, attendees will be given a set amount of time to connect with each professional, as well as a general networking mixer at the end to provide students with further opportunity to speak with those whom they were interested in. The mixer will also offer a photo-booth where a photographer will be stationed to take headshots of students they can use for the LinkedIn profiles, as well as fun photos from the event.

Keep an eye out on the EMERGE social media page for more information on door prizes, professional’s bios, and more information on the event!

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