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Tuesday, March 19th 2019


Over 4,000 Canadians die by suicide every year- a average of 11 per day. Young people aged 15-24 are the most at-risk group of people for developing mental illnesses. With the overwhelming stress of balancing school, work, volunteering, extra-curricular activities, time for family and friends, plus securing employment- its no wonder 1 in every 4 post-secondary students identify as suffering from a mental health struggle.

These are health problems just like cancer, arthritis or diabetes. So why does society look at taking care of your mental health differently than your physical health? The answer is stigma. Now the question is, how can we do better?

Emerge Above The Stigma is a mental health-focused speaker event with the goal to educate post-secondary students about the importance of prioritizing your mental health. This is an event for post-secondary students looking to learn about the role mental health while transitioning into a competitive workforce. For post-secondary students across all sectors, Emerge Above The Stigma is an opportunity to hear about the experiences of young working professionals and the role mental health played in their journey in obtaining a successful career path. 

Our five guest speakers come from all walks of life. Yet, at the same time, have all journeyed along a common path- from one milestone to another, mental illness has deeply impacted their journey in becoming intelligent working professionals. While each of their stories is unique, looked at together the variety of perspectives make up a compelling tapestry of mental health priorities around which all post-secondary students can learn and grow from.

Join us on Tuesday, March 19 from 3 p.m to 6 p.m at The Centre for Urban Ecology, located in the Humber Arboretum grounds on Humber College’s North campus- 205 Humber College Blvd, Toronto ON, M9W 5L7. Doors open at 2:45 p.m. Food and refreshments will be provided by our generous sponsor, SanRemo Bakery!

To make this unique event as accessible as possible, Emerge Above The Stigma will be pay-what-you-can with all proceeds being donated to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health(CAMH)

Make sure to register and help us #EmergeAbove!

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Rachel Tolkin

Rachel Tolkin is a Communications Specialist at the Canadian Mental Health Association, one of the largest and oldest voluntary organizations in Canada 

Michelle McClure

Michelle McClure is the Executive Director of Ability Online, the first social media technology platform for young people with disabilities to connect with each other and the world around them.

Dominic Faoro

Dominic Faoro is only 25 years old and within his current role at LinkedIn, helps organizations build their employer branding and recruiting strategies within the LinkedIn platform

Sean O'Malley

Sean O’Malley is the Senior Media Relations Specialist for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and has a rich background in journalism and public relations.

Event Details

Tuesday, March 19th 2019
3:00 pm – 6:00 pm



Centre For Urban Ecology The Humber Arboretum


The purpose of Emerge Above The Stigma is to educate post-secondary students on the importance of prioritizing their mental health at a young age and giving them the tools needed to be successful in this act during their transition from post-secondary student, to young working professional.

This event will be taking place at The Centre For Urban Ecology, located on the Arboretum grounds of Humber College’s North Campus – 205 Humber College Blvd, Toronto ON, M9W 5L7.

No. This a free event. However, donations are encouraged. All proceeds will be donated to the Centre For Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).

Pre-registration is available through https://emergeabove.eventbrite.ca although it is not required to attend the event.

Yes. Once all guest speakers have shared, the floor will be open to the audience to ask questions anonymously through an app that the panelists will have the chance to answer.

On Tuesday, March 19, 2019. The event will start at 3 p.m. and finish around 6 p.m followed by light food and refreshments. Doors will open at 2:45 p.m.

Yes. We will be providing refreshments that will be available throughout the event. The event will be followed by light food and refreshments as well.

Yes. Parking is available in the parking garage located on Humber College North campus at an hourly rate. This parking garage can be accessed through Entrance A of the North campus. For more information on parking and transportation options, please visit https://humber.ca/arboretum/contact/directions.html

For more information about the event venue and maps on how to get to the Centre for Urban Technology, please visit https://humber.ca/arboretum/contact/directions.html