FRIDAY, March 22ND 2019


OnBrand is a speakers panel event encompassing all things social media and brand ambassadorship related.

OnBrand will host a panel discussion with leading specialists and influencers from the social media marketing industry, ranging from YouTube personalities to Instagram brand ambassadors to marketing agency experts. Join the panelists as they discuss anything and everything revolving the digital world of social media and its relevance to the marketing and advertising industries.

The new Instagram and YouTube celebrity has changed the game of marketing and advertising, with social media influencers and brand ambassadors paving the way to e-commerce. The hyper-personalization of online personas used in internet-based advertising builds rapport and engagement between influencers, brands and its target audience, shaping the way customers discover companies and buy new products.

With the growth of social media based marketing approaches, OnBrand hopes to educate and inform students about the impact and importance of brand ambassadorship in this new advertising landscape and ever-evolving sphere of digital media.

Topics of Discussion:

Learn the ins and outs of what it takes to be a brand ambassador, what goes into compiling a single Instagram post, how to grow a successful online persona, and everything in-between.


Trésor Gray and Gemma Mastroianni are 4th year Media Studies students at the University of Guelph-Humber, both specializing in Public Relations. Both Trésor and Gemma have been collaborating with a team of like-minded students to plan and execute the OnBrand event. Trésor has been creating comedic content for the internet since 2012 but he has ambitions to make it to a bigger screen than the one on your smartphone. Gemma’s ambition and outgoing personality has allowed her to freelance and participate in a variety of media opportunities through her time in the industry.  She has provided coverage for events such as the Junos, Osheaga, the MMVA’s, and so much more. Trésor and Gemma both could not be more excited to be the hosts of the OnBrand event.

What You’ll Get:

– Insights from industry experts, social media influencers and brand ambassadors

– Audience question and answer segment

– Networking opportunity with like-minded professionals

– Snacks and refreshments at our campus

–  Swag bag giveaway opportunities

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Black and white photograph of Daniel Reyes

Daniel Reyes launched #DoTheDaniel with the intention of creating a space for real content working with real people.  

With a degree in Communications from Carleton University, he developed his experience in the world of marketing before blogging full time. Daniel is an eternal student who is always trying to learn about the ever-changing world we occupy online and thrive in. As CEO of the business, a traveler at heart, foodie, and many other things, he continues to be an advocate of an industry we now call home.

Black and white photograph of Marlon Palmer

Marlon Palmer is a Toronto-based actor, comedian, host and YouTuber, originally hailing from Maple, Ont. On his channel ThatdudeMCFLY, Palmer produces comedic skits, song parodies, and rants. Some of his notable videos are ones such as Shit Toronto People Say, and A Jamaican Valentine’s Day. Marlon also has also joined forces with TheBigNormShow and WannasWorld to host their podcast Extra Gravy. On Extra Gravy, Marlon and his co hosts talk pop culture and tackle the tough questions that plague our generation.

Black and white photograph of Dee Thomson

For seven years, Dee Thomson has been the voice behind Liner and Glitter and Gloss, Oh My!, a blog focused on sharing beauty, lifestyle and travel stories with her readers. With a background in PR and digital marketing, Dee has been on both sides of the influencer world and continues to explore and expand her knowledge of both.

Black and white photograph of Rachel David

Rachel David is a former broadcaster turned YouTube personality turned entrepreneur. Working in the entertainment industry for over 10 years, Rachel is now taking her network of celebrities, influencers, brands, managers and agencies and bringing these worlds together.  Utilizing her connections she has the unique ability to create authentic brand campaigns combining top tier influencers with big brands such as Chevrolet, The National Film Board and TD Bank.

Black and white photograph of Lianne Pitts

As a Senior Account Manager at The Colony Project, strategy’s PR agency of the Year Gold 2018, Lianne Pitts has more than six years of experience in creating award-winning integrated PR campaigns for some of Canada’s leading brands. Lianne’s integrated approach to influencer marketing transcends the boundaries of what’s possible with creators, leading award-winning 360-degree campaigns for Cadillac Fairview, Samsung Canada, Nando’s, Tourism Yukon and Kraft Heinz. Leveraging data and analytics, Lianne develops long-term brand campaigns and plots influencers into a brand’s overall content strategy to drive real business results.

Event Details


Friday, March 22nd
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm




University of Guelph-Humber