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Tuesday, March 19th 2019


Explore social media’s role in helping achieve justice through hashtag activism by challenging the social norms that have enabled and normalized the oppression of minority groups for decades. Hear from Holly Jarrett, founder of Canada’s largest social media campaign “#AmINext?” who successfully sparked government action on the issue of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls, and from Daniella Barreto, the digital activism coordinator for Amnesty International, and learn how these individuals were able to create real change and achieve justice in their communities simply by means of social media. Humber’s own Jennifer Flood will also take the mic and discuss sexual violence and prevention in the #MeToo and #TimesUp Era.

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Black and white photograph of Kaummajuk Holly Jarrett
Kaummajmuk Holly Jarrett

Holly Jarrett is the founder and creator of the largest social media social injustice campaign #AmINext (AIN). The movement quickly spread across social media, with thousands of aboriginal women and girls posting photos of themselves holding signs asking “am I next?” Through these chilling words, Holly’s goal was to frighten the nation into action, and push the federal government to act on the alarming rate of missing and murdered aboriginal women and girls in Canada. Not only did the movement receive global coverage, but an inquiry into the 1,300 missing and murdered aboriginal women and girls has since been launched by the Canadian government.

Black and white image of Daniella Barreto
Daniella Barreto

Daniella works as the Digital Activism Coordinator at Amnesty International and is a Jeanne Sauvé Public Leadership Fellow. She has led digital organizing with Black Lives Matter – Vancouver and is a co-founder and co-host of RUDE the Podcast. Daniella holds an MSc. in Population and Public Health from the University of British Columbia where her research focused on the epidemiology of violence against sex workers and women living with HIV.



Black and white image of Jennifer Flood
Jennifer Flood

Jennifer Flood is a Guelph-Humber alumna who has recently been appointed to the federal board for ending gender-based violence. Currently serving as a Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Coordinator, Jennifer consistently uses social media to promote consent and equality on post-secondary campuses. She will be speaking to the large impact that the #MeToo movement has had on shifting the climate and discussion of sexual assault.


Event Details


Tuesday, March 19th
10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Seventh Semester Room (K-B) at Humber North Campus